Past Works

Reinette is a professional vocalist, widely respected for her work in Opera, Gospel, Classical Crossover, and other genres. With more than forty years of teaching and performance experience, she is an expert in Voice Building
and Pedagogy.

Perfect Voice Works for Many Genres

  • Solo Performances
  • Public Concerts
  • Recitals
  • Theater Performances
  • Opera
  • Church Music
Portland Perfect Voice Lessons - Reinette Singing

Teacher & Director of the Perfect Voice Institute

Performing Soloist, Leading Soloist,
Chorus Master & Vocal Artist

Reinette’s professional experience includes international touring. She has worked as a music teacher since 1987, training the next generations of vocalists. Since 2000, Reinette has been the world’s leading instructor of the Perfect Voice method. As a soloist and music teacher Reinette has fifty years of experience in the Performing Arts and she is still performing locally and internationally.